The customers of the company include five-star hotels, complex chain-restaurants, personal restaurants, and ch-ain-drinks, etc. We provide professional ice makers and various dining equipment. In according with the profe-ssional quality and the working attitude of efficient service, we can create a new enterprise together.

Ching Shin Fu Chuan Tea Station, Mo Chi Di Coffee & Tea , Tea-Fresh、Ecoffee, Sherwood Hotel, Lakeshore Hotel, AP Hotel, Peace Restaurant, King Charlie, Dong Yueh Hua Snack Bar, Choose Tea Coffee, Frientea, Me-i&Mei Fast-Food & Coffee, Herbaceorus Collection, Hong Ya International Enterprise, You Kou Jie Bei , Chia-nan Goat Milk, Top-D, Taiwan Air Cargo Terminal, Red House, Mos Burger, La Kaffa, Jiayi Tapioca Ball Ice, Treasure Island Restaurant, and other famous chain-enterprises.

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